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Dongfeng Crazy Soldier

Date:2006-8-10 | From:Hubei Chengli
  • WUHAN, China ¡ª Dongfeng Motor, which has joint ventures with Nissan, Honda, PSA Peugeot Citroën and Hyundai, is about to pull a neat trick out of its own hat: a civilian version of a Chinese military vehicle officially designated EQ2050, but soon to be known by the much more colorful name of Crazy Soldier.

    According to the China Car Times Web site, Dongfeng, one of China¡¯s largest automakers, is developing a civilian version of the EQ2050, which was originally designed for the People¡¯s Liberation Army in 2003 as a knockoff of the American Humvee, complete with Cummins turbo diesel.

    The military edition is known as the Dongfeng Armor and is available in four body styles. Military options are said to include GPS, night vision, an electric winch and a multipurpose weapon mount.

    The plainclothes Crazy Soldier, which differs in few respects from its military sibling (we¡¯re not sure about the optional weapon mount), is to be launched in early 2008, priced from around $185,000. Target users, according to the Web site, include telecom and forestry companies.

    What this means to you: We¡¯re assuming this puppy also will be showing up outside Shanghai discos by next spring.
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