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Dongfeng Motor: The industry will soon be soaring ¡¾dark hegemon shares¡¿

Date:2006-8-12 | From:Hubei Chengli

         Dongfeng Motor(600006)£ºThe company is well-known auto manufacturers, particularly in light of the absolute leader in the field.In 2005 the company light truck growth rate of nearly 41% of the industry growth rate of 4 times the growth rate of home industries, Dongfeng light commercial vehicle production and sales throughout the year 107,413 (including Zhengzhou Nissan). Among them, "Dongfeng Motor," the main east Yulon completed the annual target of 100.32 percent; Dongfeng Xiangfan station wagon and passenger car sales of passenger car chassis, a negative growth of the industry in the face of adversity to achieve the growth rate of 2.74 percent, the growth rate in the first six years in a row; Dongfeng light vehicle production and sales grew 6-fold, to reach the annual goal of 112.65 percent; The new Dongfeng pick-up the cause of the rapid growth in sales year-on-year growth of nearly 3 times that of exports and overseas, the industry became concerned about a dark horse; In overseas markets, Dongfeng light commercial vehicle brands more and more high-value, up 141 percent year-on-year growth. In 2006 the company is expected to be light truck sales up 20% to 91,200.

¡¡¡¡2005 annual report shows that in 2005 the company achieve the main business income of 8,801,000,000 yuan, 394 million net profit, earnings per share 0.1969 yuan. In the face of increasing competition in the industry, as well as raw materials and energy prices continue to rise brought about by various factors, Dongfeng Automobile sales are against market trends, much higher than the industry growth. In these light truck industry growth in light truck manufacturers in the top 10 in the first place, the light truck sector contribution to the growth in the first degree, the absolute increase in the first year-on-year light truck. 2005 vehicle sales 107,413, an increase of 31.44 percent. At the same time, in promoting new products, sales network management and control, and so on overseas markets than last year showed a big increase. From the long-term investment point of view, light truck and gradually increase the profitability of Zhengzhou Nissan, Cummins Engine performance in the future may be, companies have long-term investment value. Especially with the recovery of the automotive industry as a whole, the performance of companies in the next few years will show faster-growth recovery.

¡¡¡¡According to the latest report, the National Development and Reform Commission recently approved Dongfeng hybrid bus (EQ6110HEV) listing. This is the first time China issued a hybrid car manufacturers and product announcement marks the Dongfeng hybrid buses have the national sales of products eligible. Hybrid cars are currently on the international car-to-date technology, is the world automobile manufacturers compete to force the research. Dongfeng Motor Co., according to experts, is a hybrid combination of the traditional internal combustion engine and electric motor advantage of new technologies in order to achieve savings in fuel and reduce emissions. Scientific research shows that if a good match hybrid, fuel savings can be 50%, 80% drop in emissions. In the high international oil prices, strong domestic economic construction of environmental protection, conservation-minded background, the first company to seize market opportunities with great potential for development.

¡¡¡¡In the first quarter 2006 report, the share held by which included Galaxy Securities, Tian Yuan, Feng and the value of investment funds , and other large organizations, institutional investors showed that the full value of their investment in favor. The share has been a wave of raise rapid, sweeping the main approach to raise funds obvious signs, followed by rapid washing , the current strength again, the market outlook is expected to begin to accelerate market upside, investors may be concerned about the height.

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