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Dongfeng buses and natural gas leading the domestic application of R & D

Date:2006-8-12 | From:Hubei Chengli

  Information Wuhan Xinhua News Agency on August 9 (Reporter Yang Xingguo) After the 19 national urban public transport system to prove the use of Dongfeng Motor Co. developed with independent intellectual property rights of natural gas electronically controlled fuel injection single CNG natural gas vehicle technology R & D projects become more sophisticated, the Dongfeng Natural Gas Bus R & D and technical progress in the domestic leading level .

  According to experts of Dongfeng Automobile Engineering Research Institute, along with the rapid development of the automotive industry, oil supply has become tighter, the world proven oil reserves, according to the current rate of consumption can only support a further 40-70 years, and the exploitation of natural gas reserves are expected to be more than 200 years. Natural gas as energy to replace gasoline, diesel fuel and natural gas vehicles, since the 20th century the world has been widespread development of natural gas recognized as a clean energy and petroleum and coal tied to the three pillars of the world energy in the 21st century will be the natural gas vehicle Of the new century. With the energy shortage, environmental pollution problem has become more critical as well as to improve the status of the bus, the bus on natural gas has become an inevitable trend in the future.

  China Dongfeng Company in the beginning of the first natural gas engine research and development, EQDN series engines to achieve the third-generation EFI CNG engine production and application. By the Ministry of Science and Technology, National Development and Reform Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency inspection, the Dongfeng Natural Gas Corporation bus research and development and technical progress is in the domestic leading level, meet European III emission standards, currently has 3 patents, the reliability of the test mileage of more than 7000 km .

  It is reported that diesel and natural gas calorific value of the considerable and compared with the diesel price is only 2 / 3 or so. Dongfeng natural gas buses filling a milestone in the continued drive more than 350 km and a speed limit 85 km / h, in the national road standards and the use of the pilot test, than that of diesel fuel consumption to reduce costs compared to 40%. Dongfeng EQDN series with the engine to achieve a comprehensive public transport vehicles to match.

  It is understood that At present, natural gas cars to 97,000, the Beijing Public Transport Group, which has natural gas buses 2759. according to general manager of Shiyan City, Hubei Province,bus Zhang Zhaorong, the use of public transport Shiyan Dongfeng engine products, the costs decreased by 40%. He said that access, such as natural gas, the city of Shiyan City 22 bus lines will all be replaced by natural gas buses.



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