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service quality assurance

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Dear Customer:
Thank you for using Dongfeng Motor Group ChengLi Motors products.
We follow the quality policy is: "Product Leadership is our eternal goal, customer satisfaction is our relentless pursuit of quality service is our best promise."
This end, we make the following commitments: < / B>

Quality Policy
create excellent service enterprises; build customer satisfaction products; tree well-known brands.
quality objectives
implement GB/T9001-2000 standards, establish and maintain and continually improve quality management system;
a delivery vehicle inspection pass rate 92%, annual increase in three years more than 1%;
vehicle pass rate 100%;
customer satisfaction 90%, 1% annual increase in three years or more.
commitment to quality

companys products are 100% responsible; services for 100% customer satisfaction .

warranty coverage

a training staff: < BR> 1, arranged by the factory engineers organize group training, learning theory and the practice;
2, through theoretical study and practical to reach the factory after the technical requirements;
first master the basic special vehicle theory performance and functionality;
second, according to the procedure to skilled operators;
Third, get rid of the general technical failure.

Second, the maintenance branch. Location. Technology. Contact:
1, branch: "Dongfeng Automobile Technical Service Station";
2, Location: the province. Ground. City. County are;
3, technical strength: according to the steam required to achieve unity, "engineer" level.

Three, free maintenance program and the period
1, tracking service time: life;
2, customers at the date of delivery, in normal use, within driving 10,000 km or one year free repair (excluding wearing parts and electrical parts),
more than a year, and only pay part fee ;
service time of arrival: province, twenty-four hours to get there; other areas, twenty-four hours to send staff ;
4, during the annual flood control engineers and technicians by row regular or occasional visits to be faulty and remove, no active fault prevention.

Four parts after the free period supply price approach
1, way: in the east where two gas stations unified technical service delivery, according to user requirements directly from the factory shipping ;
2, parts only charge nominal fee, without other costs.

five products chassis fault, press the chassis manufacturers in the nearest service station maintenance.

service Tel :0722 -3816599 Fax :0722-3812333
Service Chief: Zheng-Guo Zhang (13872881010) Customer Service Email: hbclqc #

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